Thursday, February 23, 2017

Olive Oil Marinated Bone In Pork Chops

 This a great dinner recipe, it's super easy and pork chops become moist and juicy 

We will need:
Basil Olive Oil
Garlic Olive Oil
Galic salt, Black Peper and Dried Jalapeno
if you don't have basil oil, you can use dried basil and olive oil just let basil sit in oil for few hrs before using, also you don't have to use Jalapeno, you can use Cayenne or any other pepper  
3 cloves of garlic

Mix 1/4 cups of oils together with dried spices and spread evenly on your chops
let sit in a fridge for about 3 hrs

Melt Butter in the skillet add smashed garlic and a little bit of vegetable oil 
Brown garlic and add your chops

Cook Chops for about 3 minutes on each side 
Check with thermometer to make sure chops are 160F for medium doneness and let sit for few minutes  =) 

Serve with your favourite side!!! and ENJOY!

3 Large Pork Chops about 1/4 inch thick