Thursday, September 12, 2013

Napoleon Cake Recipe

Today is the day. The day I start my new blog.
Never had one, but today I have decided that I need one.
Today is my boyfriend's birthday. I decided to surprise him with a giant box that has nothing but one huge balloon and a card with a note with directions on how to find his gift. I placed that box in his room and posted notes with clues all over the house. However, the main gift that I got for him is still in my car waiting for me to get to his house and give it to him. 

I also made a birthday cake. Here is the picture of it.
Get 4 sheets of puff pastry dough 
Bake them and let them cool
750-1000ml of milk
2-3 eggs
1 cup of sugar
2tbs of vanilla
2-3tbs of flower
2,5 sticks of unsalted butter
Warm up milk on the stove add everything except butter start mixing till the mixture thickens up. After it became almost sour cream consistency turn the stove off and add butter. Mix thoroughly so the butter is dissolved. Spread the cream on the puff pastry dough decorate with crumble that you have left over from puff pastry dough. Leave it in the fridge over night :)