Sunday, March 2, 2014

Drunken Cheese ball

Cheese and wine are the match made in heaven and we all know that. That is why I decided to make cheese ball with wine.
We will need:
8 oz of cream cheese soften 
2 cups of finely shredded cheese
1 tsp of garlic powder 
1 tsp of onion powder
2 oz of chardonnay wine 
1/2 tsp of dried dill
1/4 pepper
1/4 paprica 
1/4 coriander
1/4 dried basil

  • Mix all dry ingredients with wine and let it sit for about 30 min 

  • Mix well with cream cheese 

  • Add shredded cheese

  • Form a ball. Use plastic wrap it helps you shape it and doesn't make mess 

  • Let it sit in fridge for about 4 hrs minimum better if you leave it in the fridge overnight
  • Serve with crackers